Gipsy-Cigančica-ruska ciganska/ prir. M.Gvozdenac:

Čudovita skladba, takoj gre v uho. Če kdo potrebuje part za klarinet v B, naj mi piše.

Komorna igra
a) za violino, 6 harmonik in cajon (bobne)
b) za dve violini, 5 harmonik in cajon (bobne)
c) za dve violini, klarinet, 4 harmonike in cajon (bobne)
Partitura in parti za vsa glasbila

Beautiful GIPSY folk song/arr. M.Gvozdenac:

Chamber music
a) for 1 Violin, 6 Accordions and Cajon( Drums)
b) for 2 Violins, 5 Acc. and Cajon( Drums)
c) for 2 Violins, Clarinet, 4 Accordions and Cajon( Drums)
Full Score and all parts (if you need clarinet in B part, just write to me)


Piši za več/Write 4 more info


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